Tyroc Specs & Tests

Tyroc Product Specification and Testing Reports Information

Panel Size: 16″ x 48″
Sq. Ft. per panel: 5.3
Weight per panel: 10.5 lbs. (Approximately 2 lbs./sq.ft.)
# of panels per skid: 120
Sq. Ft. per skid: 636 sq. ft.

Tyroc Product Tests and Reports are listed below. As an Architect or Developer if you require any additional information or specifications please contact us for required information.

MSDS – MSDS-BJETEP-07042011-1

TCNA Report – Ceramic Tile Installation over Tyroc – TCNA-412-10 BJET Results 1-3

Tyroc Field Impact Sound Insulation Class Testing BJET – FIIC Report

Mold Growth Test for Tyroc – 395 ASTM test for Mold Growth on Tyroc

Tyroc Panel Technical Drawing – Tyroc_Drawing_1109

Tyroc 30 Year Warranty – TYROC 30 Year Limited Warranty 07042011-1