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Facts About Flooring For Consumers and Professionals

Choosing a subfoor/underlayment can be the most important step in your finished flooring system.  There are a lot of factors that go into making these choices.  Is your new floor going down in a basement?  Is your current substrate concrete or wood?  Are you intalling your new floor over an existing floor?  Do you have moisture issues that you need to contend with regarding the overall environment of your new flooring system?  Tyroc believes it is important for you, the end user, to have  all the information necessary to compare and make the choice that is right for you and your individual flooring project.

Each of the following brief synopsis will link to valuable third party resources and information that will help you make an informed decision about which flooring product is your best flooring solution.

INSTALL is a North American alliance of flooring mills, manufacturers, consultants, associations and contractors. We work together to ensure superior flooring installations via comprehensive training and certification of floor layers to bring out their best in skill, productivity, and attitude.

Underlayment and Subfloors – The importance of underlayments can’t be stressed enough, regardless of the type of floor you are using.  Click the link and read more before you choose the underlayment for your flooring project.

Floorfacts.com Flooring Guides & Reviews

Since 1998, thousands of homeowners and various home decorating publications have looked to FloorFacts.com for helpful flooring information. The FloorFacts guides cover all types of flooring for both new home construction and home remodeling.

Selecting The Right Floor

With hundreds of flooring options to choose from and all the improvements in designs, construction and installation systems it can be overwhelming trying to select the right flooring for home decorating projects. The FloorFacts.com flooring reviews and guides were created to help homeowners through this mind-boggling experenice and to help give consumers a better understanding of the various types of floors and how they compare to each other.

Below are some articles that might help you get started in your flooring search:

As we continue to find new resources we will continue to add them to this section of our website for our customers benefit.