Why Subflooring – Underlayment is important for the overall success of your finished flooring installation.  Have a question about Tyroc Subflooring / Underlayment?  Please review our FAQ’s below. Still have questions, we are happy to help please Contact Us if you have any further questions we can assist you with.

Why do I need a Subfloor in my basement?

All concrete floors, even in new homes, conduct the cold coming from the ground underneath. To compensate for the cold, many people will cover the concrete surface with a finished floor covering.
The problem with this method is that concrete is a porous substance and needs to breathe. As temperatures in the basement fluctuate, it creates the perfect environment for moisture to accumulate between the finished floor and the concrete. This is where mold or mildew begins to grow which can lead to poor indoor air quality.
Installing a Tyroc subfloor directly on the concrete will create an effective moister barrier and result in a warmer, more comfortable finished floor and a healthier environment for the whole family. For more information visit Tyroc Solutions For Home Owner

Is Tyroc A GREEN Environmentally Friendly Product?

Tyroc Subfloor is a GREEN environmentally responsible product. Tyroc contains no VOC’s and is made entirely from naturally occurring minerals and post-consumer plastics. The Tyroc underside is comprised of recycled car tires and post-consumer plastics. For more information please visit  Tyroc Subfloor Overview

What are Tyroc’s Dimensions?

Each Tyroc Panel covers 5.3 Square Feet overall. The individual panel dimensions are 48″ x 16″ x ½”. Tyroc has the thinnest profile of any other product in its category, and is easier to carry than other subfloor products. For more information please visit  Tyroc Subfloor Overview

How much weight can Tyroc Support?

Tyroc is incredibly strong, and can support upwards of 76,000 lbs. per square foot.

Is Tyroc an Insulator?

Tyroc acts as a highly effective barrier to moisture and cold. Tyroc will increasing your basement temperature by several degrees which will greatly reduce heating costs. Tyroc will not expand or contract due to moisture or temperature.

Can I use radiant floor heating with Tyroc?

Yes the Tyroc surface board is non-combustible and is ideal for use with radiant floor heating.

Does my floor need to be perfectly level before installing Tyroc Subfloor?

Tyroc is a very flexible subflooring system, which means it will follow the contour of most concrete floors. If you’re concrete floor has extreme low points or high points (greater than1/4 inch), we recommend applying a leveling compound prior to installing your subfloor. For more information please visit Tyroc Installation Instructions

Does Tyroc Require Any Shims?

Tyroc requires no shims. For more information please visit Tyroc Installation Instructions

Can I install Tyroc over cracks in my concrete floor?

Yes you can. Tyroc will not transfer any cracks on your concrete floor to the finished floor above.

Can Tyroc be used for commercial, industrial or institutional applications?

Yes. Tyroc has been engineered for use in commercial, institutional and industrial applications such as hotels, hospitals, office buildings, and condominiums. Tyroc is impervious to moisture, insects, and is resistant to mold and mildew and is ideally suited for any commercial or industrial application where moisture, mold and mildew are issues.

Does Tyroc Have Any off Gassing (VOC’s)?

No Tyroc does not produce any off gassing as it contains no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). For more information please visit Tyroc Subfloor Overview

Can Tyroc Be Installed On Top Of Already Existing Finished Floor?


Does Tyroc Have An Odor?

Tyroc Subflooring has no off gassing. There may be a faint rubber order (from the recycled rubber/plastic base) when you first install it. However this will dissipate within a day or so once you install it and particularly once you install your finished flooring. There is no lingering odor.

Where can I use Tyroc?

Tyroc has been engineered for use over any concrete floor or pad and over wood substrates in any environment, anywhere in the world. Tyroc can be used in basements, over cement pads, poured concrete floors in mid-high rise multi housing projects, workshops, garages, playrooms, home theatres, and exercise rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and foyers. For more information please visit Tyroc Multi-Use

Does Tyroc Reduce Sound Transmission?

The Tyroc under-pad was designed to dampen and dissipate sound pollution, in field testing Tyroc has impressive results in acting as a sound barrier and is highly effective in quieting floors, homes and buildings
Tyroc turns squeaky, creaky floors into silent peaceful floors. Achieving well above the Impact Insulation Class (IIC) standard of 50.
Tyroc will quiet your home and turn it into the quiet relaxing atmosphere you have always wanted. For more information please visit Tyroc Subfloor Overview

My Finished Floor Requires Putting Down An Under-Pad, Do I Still Need This With Tyroc Installed?

Yes, Although Tyroc may provide many or all the benefits of your finished floor recommended under-pad. It is important to maintain warranty of your finished floor that you follow ALL REQUIREMENTS AS OUTLINED BY YOUR FINISHED FLOOR MANUFACTURER . For more information Visit Tyroc Installation Instructions