Installing Tyroc Subflooring

Installing Tyroc Subflooring


Tyroc Installation Instructions

Easy To Install

Tyroc Subflooring can be installed over any flooring substrate concrete substrate or wood substrate where the external temperature is between 5°C (40°F and 104°F). There is no need to acclimatize the Tyroc Subflooring. Tyroc Subflooring panels can be installed immediately after purchase. No levelling shims are required to install Tyroc Subflooring. The panels are flexible and shapes itself to the contour of the substrate.   Tyroc Subflooring will cover any cracks or imperfections in the substrate floor up to 1/4″.  Before installing Tyroc Subflooring be sure the substrate meets the specifications for the finished flooring to be installed.  Tyroc Subflooring is not a finished floor covering.  Tyroc Subflooring is a subfloor and underlayment all in one and designed to have a finished floor covering installed over it.

Any Finished Flooring Can be Installed Over Tyroc

Carpet, Tile, Laminate, Bamboo, Engineered and Natural Hardwood Flooring, Vinyl Planking, VCT and LVT can be installed on top of the Tyroc panels. We recommend that you follow manufacturer’s instructions for installation of these flooring materials.

Tyroc Panel Usage per Room

Divide the Total Square Feet of the room (___________) by 5 in order to determine the total number of panels required. This calculation will allow 5% for waste and overcuts.

T0ols you will need to install Tyroc panels:

  • Skill Saw or Table Saw or Jig Saw (for small or irregular cuts)
  • Caulking Gun
  • PL Premium or equivalent (Polyurethane Construction Adhesive)
  • Chalk-line
  • Measuring Tape

Caution: Tyroc panels are easy to cut but cutting will generate some dust. Cut in a well-ventilated area. It is recommended that the circular saw use a vacuum attachment.  You can space Tyroc ¼” from outside walls however it is not necessary as Tyroc will not expand or contract due to change in tempature.

The concrete floor, slab or wood substrate should be relatively dry and free of continued leaks, excessive moisture penetration or flooding problems prior to installing Tyroc Subflooring panels.

The Tyroc rubber base will adjust to uneven surface variations.  If more than 1/4″ it is recommended that the substrate be leveled to specifications of the finished flooring manufacture.