Pro Flooring Installer’s Candid Testimonial

Basement Installation of Tyroc Subflooring

Brian Sullivan of Improved Space-Building Better Basements was introduced to Tyroc Sublooring.  Brian had a basement project that he was working on and was ready to install the subfloor before installing carpet over it.  Once he saw Tyroc Subflooring he decided against using the OSB based product he had originally specified for the job and switched to Tyroc.  When Mike V. with MNM Carpentry & Painting Handyman Services came to the job expecting to install the OSB subfloor he had installed on previous jobs, he was surprised to see Tyroc. It was his first time using the Tyroc Subfloor product and installing it.  Below is Mike’s candid testimony caught on video after he was only one third into the total installation of a 400 sq.ft. basement installation. Listen to what Mike has to say.

And for Brian he is planning on using Tyroc on his next basement subflooring project that is over 1200 sq.ft. because his customer for the current project was so happy.