Tile Installed over Tyroc Subfloor

David Rhodes, General Contractor, Springfield MO commented after using Tyroc Subflooring and tile over Tyroc: “I was very, very impressed with Tyroc.  I couldn’t believe the adhesion characteristics between the Tyroc surface board and the thin set.  I have never seen anything like it.  Tyroc is a great product.  I most definitely will be using it more in my projects.”

The job site was a combination of clay over granite.  Although sump pumps generally handle the water under the house traditionally installed tile flooring might have failed and certainly would have been cold underfoot due to the moisture in the crawl space.  Tyroc provided a dry, warm subfloor and underlayment for the tile flooring.  In addition, the owners added needed closet space by expanding a walk in closet into the garages third bay.  Tyroc subflooring product allowed the tile flooring to float over the garage’s concrete slab and the adjacent wood floor.

With over 30 years of experience David has seen just about everything.  And when it comes to floors he knows that moisture and movement are his biggest enemies for any finished flooring product over the subfloor.  Now that he has had experience with Tyroc he plans to use it on as many flooring projects as he can because he knows it will protect the finished floor and prevent him from having to “comeback” years afterward to fix a problem.