Actual Tyroc Installations

Tyroc is easy, simple and quick to install.  It was designed by flooring contractors and engineers to make it that way.  So we like to show actual flooring installations and situations using Tyroc Subflooring from beginning to end.  Tyroc Subflooring is a flooring solution for basement flooring as well as above grade flooring in both new build, add on and renovation projects.  Both DIY’s and Pro’s can appreciate the value added benefits and labor saving qualities of Tyroc as well as never having to worry about moisture related flooring problems in the future or “call backs” or “redoes”.  For video of easy intstallation click here.

See videos or photos of actual Tyroc installations by clicking on the links below attached to each individual installation situation.

Tyroc Subfloor in a basement finishing project in Boston, MA.  This was a 400 sq.ft. new install scheduled for an entire day by the contractor using an OSB based subfloor product.  The total time take to install Tyroc was about 3 hours.  To see  actual video clips of this installation and testimonial from the installer click here.

Tyroc Subfloor used above ground for ceramic tile installati0n in a small and master bath remodel and addition.  Tile was installed directly over Tyroc with no other underlayment necessary.  Tyroc was used to provide a homogenous level subfloor over two types of substrates – an OSB (Advantech) substrate over crawl space and a concrete slab on grade substrate that joined to comprise the total new flooring space.  To see photo’s of the project from start to finish and read the testimonial from the contractor click here.

Tyroc Subfloor used over old OSB after tearing out carpet and refinishing with laminated wood flooring.  This OSB substrate floor is over a crawl space where cold and moisture was a problem.  To see photos of the project from start to finish and the testimonial from the home owner click here.

Tyroc Subfloor used over an existing tile floor in a highrise condominium  for sound deading and where the resident wanted to install carpet.  By using Tyroc the owner didn’t have to “chip out” or remove the existing tile floor.  To see the entire video of this installation click here.