Tyroc Subflooring All In One Moisture And Sound Barrier

TyrocInc. is the manufacturer of  Tyroc Subflooring.   Tyroc is the next generation subflooring/underlayment. It is an all in one subfloor and underlayment.  Tyroc provides a moisture barrier, sound barrier, thermal barrier and de-coupling crack isolation barrier.

Tyroc provides an underlayment for tile installation, laminate, engineered and natural hardwood, vinyl planking and tiles.  Tyroc will not feed mold or mildew even in wet areas.

Tyroc Subflooring Is A solution For Flooring Assemblies In:

  • Basement Finishing and Renovations
  • Kitchen and Bath remodels
  • New and Renovation Flooring Installations for tile, laminate, hardwood and vinyl planking in both residential and commercial installations over both concrete and wood substrates.

Steve Maxwell, Home Improvement writer for the Toronto star shows and explains the Tyroc Subflooring advantages. Click on the video.